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Off the shelf elearning – all modules

Please see a complete list of all of our off the shelf elearning modules below. It’s £5,000 for all courses (including future modules) with no limit on user numbers, ever. Find out more about our modules.


Customer service

Equality and diversity

Health and safety


Skills for work and life

Corporate governance

Digital skills

  • Using email effectively
  • Getting digital in the workplace (more info coming soon) 
  • Creating a digital culture (more info coming soon) 
  • Better browsing (more info coming soon) 
  • Digital research (more info coming soon) 
  • Appropriate and fair usage (more info coming soon) 
  • Good digital communication (more info coming soon)
  • Working collaboratively online (more info coming soon) 
  • Social media in the workplace (more info coming soon)
  • Instant messaging (more info coming soon)

Insurance (Created with Domestic & General)

  • What is insurance? (more info coming soon)
  • Types of insurance (more info coming soon)
  • The insurance process (more info coming soon)
  • The claims process (more info coming soon)
  • The regulatory landscape (more info coming soon)
  • Insurance Distribution Directive (more info coming soon)
  • SMCR (more info coming soon)
  • Understanding clients’ needs (more info coming soon)

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