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WEBINAR: Data has a better idea

How to use data analytics to make workforce decisions

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According to PwC’s ‘Future of Work’ report (which surveyed over 1000 HR leaders across the UK), many businesses are failing to fill knowledge gaps at work to ensure future success.

The survey finds that companies are struggling to use data and advanced analytics to make better decisions about the workforce. Although more than 60% of respondents say using data analytics in workforce decisions is important, only 27% actually use it. Clearly, we would all benefit from a better understanding of how to collect, use and interpret data to do our jobs better.

I’m the Chief Marketing Officer here at Thrive and I use data and analytics heavily in my role to better understand our audiences and how to improve approaches and drive better interactions with them. I’ve worked in learning technologies for over 5 years and have some great ideas on how L&D can better use data. Join me on December 6th at 11AM to learn:

  • The types of data L&D should be capturing, how to collect it and what to do with it when you have it
  • The best ways to use data to iteratively improve L&D strategies
  • The challenges of maintaining data and how to overcome them
  • Key tools which will help you do this simply and with ease

Learn more about your people to better align your L&D strategies to your learners’ expectations using data. Sign up today!

Data has a better idea webinar

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