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Why content curation is the silver bullet for continuous learning

We all need to stay up to speed on the topics that matter to us, every day – that’s what continuous learning means. But how do you make sure the content in your learning platform is relevant, useful and most importantly, solves the problem at the time of need, without a lot of manual effort?

We hosted a webinar with Anders Pink’s Co-founder, Stephen Walsh, to share how content curation can empower your users to learn in the flow of work, here’s what we learned. 

Why continuous learning in the workflow matters

Skills are changing fast

Stephen set the scene by sharing how skills are always evolving. If you think about the workplace landscape now compared to 50 years ago a lot has changed. 

The length of our careers are longer, average tenure in a job is shorter and with the introduction of technology and constant innovation, the skills that we need within those jobs are changing too.

So, continuing to learn on the job and staying up to date with new skills or information that’s relevant to you matters.


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What’s so challenging about continuous learning?

Time and budget

Time and budget will never go away as a key obstacle for L&D teams. Staying up to date means different things to each one of us and if you’re centrally managing an L&D function, especially for larger companies, it becomes difficult as you don’t want a one size fits all approach, but you don’t have the time or budget to make bespoke courses individuals. 

Your users are time-poor too. We know 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if they invested in their career, yet the number one reason employees feel held back from learning is because they don’t have time. 

Manual content curation – High value but high effort 

Content curation from external sources is the answer to staying on top of new skills without spending your budget. But as we all know manual content curation is high effort, doesn’t solve your time obstacle and can result in content shock.

What you need to think about is how do we control access to all this content. As American writer, Clay Shirky said, the problem is “not information overload. It’s filter failure.” We’re letting too much of the wrong information come to us, and the good quality content gets lost in the quantity of content. 

Auto curation is the answer

Leveraging the right technology to set up auto curation is the answer. 

Use tools and algorithms such as Anders Pink and THRIVE LXP to make it efficient, quick and simple and the best part? You can set how often your content search refreshes and your users can stay on top of the latest skills, trends and information daily if it’s relevant to them.

How to get started with auto curation

Stephen shared some practical steps to follow when incorporating auto curation into your learning and development strategy. 


1. Choose a target audience and topics

Define your use case, Who needs continuously updated insights right now? Sales, Leadership, Technical teams? And what topics do they need to see? Quality insights on remote working, managing change…

2. Be a content concierge

Ask your users what they want to see, from what sites and sources, when and where? 

3. Use technology to help you seek

Don’t just browse the internet, you’ll get content shock.  Let the technology do the seeking, sorting and push it straight to your learning platform without lifting a finger.


1. Curate your insights, not just content

What did you learn, why does this matter, who would this help?

2. Provoke and challenge

Involve your teams and subject matter experts

3. Make connections and collections

Build a knowledge base, involve others and encourage a culture of collective intelligence and contribution.


1. Go where the eyeballs are

Make it easy for people to find it. That may be more than one place – Learning Platform + Slack, MS Teams, CRM…

2. Do smart integrations

No copy and paste – you don’t have time. APIs and integrations such as Anders Pink or getAbstract take care of this.

3. Build a continuous learning habit

Little and often. 10 minutes a day equals a week’s worth of learning over a year.

The part your learning platform plays

To empower a culture of continuous learning your platform needs personalisation and machine learning, a powerful search functionality and the ability to integrate with the right tools,  

How do we do it at THRIVE? 

  • Personalisation – Based on their interests, skills and behaviour, your learners will only see relevant content to them, 
  • Seamless integrations – All content in THRIVE is treated the same as course or user-generated content with social interaction features such as comments and likes, and the ability to share with others.
  • Quick pick topics – THRIVE LXP is ready to go with prebuilt topics our content team have specifically designed and created such as wellbeing, leadership, innovation and world news. You can also set any bespoke topics that are relevant to you.
  • Always up-to-date -Your platform will be constantly updated with fresh, new freemium content from trusted business websites, without you having to lift a finger.
  • Powerful search – Your LXP becomes your own internal Google, with the right content being served, at the point of need, in the flow of work. 

Interested in finding out more about how THRIVE LXP can support your endeavour towards a continuous learning culture? Download the recording from this webinar here and check out THRIVE Popup LXP, the ultimate learning and communication platform that will have you up and running with Anders Pink in less than a week.

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