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“Our first 6 months with an LXP” – DECIEM

Global skincare brand shares how they transformed their learning culture

“Our first 6 months with an LXP” - Global skincare brand, Deciem, shares how they transformed their learning culture

Over 200 L&D professionals gathered last week for a webinar sharing first-hand tips on how DECIEM transformed communication and learning culture with an LXP (learning experience platform).

DECIEM is a global beauty company operating 42 retail stores worldwide and 6 brands including popular range, ‘the ordinary’. As a company, they turn over £350M and employ 900+ employees around the globe. Starting up 5 years ago, DECIEM’s impressive growth has taken the industry by storm as the ‘the abnormal beauty company.’

With excellent product knowledge at the core of their success, Nicola Kilner, CEO at DECIEM, saw the opportunity to improve their learning & development offering and invest in communication to bring their worldwide team together.

Overcoming common challenges

To kick off the webinar, Nicola set the scene with the factors that drove them to make this impactful change:

  • Barriers of a global workforce – not one team feeling
  • Needed a go-to place to support all team members with JIT (just in time) learning
  • Needed consistent product knowledge training
  • Nowhere to embrace internal passion and celebrate successes
  • Communication scored lowly on employee survey
  • Chaotic culture

With no learning management system in place, DECIEM knew they needed a central solution that could empower and support employees to consume online training when they needed it, but also a platform to streamline communication.

Enter DECIEM’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP) THRIVE

THRIVE provided a single source of truth to capture all DECIEM knowledge, access training and policies and push out social communications.

Historically, when a message needed to be shared with stores, it would be cascaded via managers, but with THRIVE, announcements can be quickly added and pushed to everyone’s mobile within seconds. More importantly, managers can see who’s viewed it, who’s liked it or responded with comments and questions.

This functionality really supported DECIEM to build their online community. The team leverages the platform to share updates and user-generated content (UGC) about all kinds of topics such as; how many orders were shipped that day or what they’re doing around the world to celebrate halloween.

When it comes to learning culture, THRIVE’s LXP is personalised to each end-user and what they want to achieve. This makes it an environment employees can go to to take ownership of their learning & development and build that self-directed training culture.

With content at the heart of their LXP, it was an important factor that THRIVE seamlessly integrated with auto-curation tools, Deciem was able to pull in content from LinkedIn Learning, getAbstract and THRIVES off-the-shelf elearning catalogue easily, meaning their platform was automatically populated in seconds.

Creating a buzz

Nicola shared insight into their LXP launch which used careful timing, marketing, competitions and events to kick off with a bang. They had 8 global launch lunches and store celebrations across 7 countries as well as mystery challenges which encouraged employees to create and share UGC on the platform from day one.

Campaigning learning in this way allowed DECIEM to reap amazing results in their first 6 months; 72,003 engagements or learning moments, 90% logged in after 6 months with 66% in just 3 weeks, 44, 255 videos viewed, 15, 734 learning pathways completed.

Tips for changing learning culture in your organisation

Nicola rounded the webinar up with her top tips and learnings for anyone looking to embark on a similar journey:

  • Piloting first is key
  • The right supplier – Build a strong partnership with your learning provider
  • Create a buzz from day 1 – A strong launch campaign is essential
  • A global community of champions – DECIEM have 16 champions who represent their function and strive for continuous content and relevant updates
  • Campaigning for learning change
  • Strong partnerships across functions
  • Surveying our learners – Understand what they want from a learning platform and how they want to digest moments of learning
  • Agility and timing are key – Move fast and try out different things! DECIEM’s L&D team try to think like marketers and look for initiatives to keep things novel and inspiring and balance this with periods of rest so we don’t overexpose ourselves
  • Embrace microlearning & changing perspective on learning moments

Interested in finding out more? Good thing we recorded the webinar so you can watch it when you want, where you want! Download your on-demand video today, you know you want to. 

“Our first 6 months with an LXP” - Global skincare brand, Deciem, shares how they transformed their learning culture

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