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4 LXP features that could help your business right now

Need a way to help your employee’s stay engaged in this current crisis? 

These unprecedented times have really affected the way we all work, teams are more disjointed than ever, working remotely from our own kitchens, bedrooms, gardens! 

So, we’re sharing some tips to communicate effectively online, deliver essential training and stay connected (even in isolation)!

Asking questions

An LXP is a great way to hold the knowledge from experts in your company. 

Right now you might not have the ability to turn around and ask a quick question like you would at your desk in the office. So, asking it on a learning platform means other team members can benefit from the answer given and it stands the test of time, no one likes being asked the same question twice.

Although who wants a brew, the kettles on? Is one question we can’t help with!

Curation of content

As some businesses are slowing down it’s a great opportunity for employees to use some of that down time to step away from NETFLIX and apply some time for their own personal learning and development. 

Now’s the time to pull all your relevant content together and make some pathways for your learners to complete. Whether its leadership, soft skills or how to look after your wellbeing, the curation tools in your LXP will give you a range of content from different sources and experts to learn from.

Effective Communication

Communication, communication, communication! It’s so important right now to keep employees in the loop during these uncertain times. 

Utilise your learning platform to communicate with employees, with sharing options and the ability to push out campaigns and information – not only on coronavirus but important changes that are happening in your business. 

You can look at who has engaged with content to see what sort of reach you’re getting from your employees without having to take to using drones to see what they are up to.

User generated content

Social features are a great way to make your team feel like we’re all in this together. You can help your employees feel connected to the business by allowing users to post to the platform themselves. It’s an easy way to make people feel human and connected to others around the business and can really help with the mental health and wellbeing of your staff. 

Encouraging the sharing of video snippets and clips whilst working from home is a great way for us to watch and have a nosey around the houses of our fellow colleagues- even the shy ones might surprise you. Hey, we’ve got to do something for entertainment in these strange and isolating times.

Sound like the exact solution you need? We can help you with that. A THRIVE Popup LXP will give you the tools and platform to build an online community and deepen employee engagement in a time of isolation and remote working. Find out more.

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