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Forget classroom training: Why you need to flip it now

Going digital is more essential than ever

Converting all your face-to-face training online can seem like a daunting task. But entering a world of mandatory remote working has shown us just how important it is to go digital and future proof your processes to be able to continue business as usual wherever you’re working.

Why flip it?

Flipping to a digital classroom instantly provides you with a bank of resources you can deliver to your audience up-front before they even attend. You can then open up the session to do more practical, useful tasks that involve applying the knowledge.

Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus estimated 50% of all information someone is exposed to is forgotten within a day, so having the resources made available after the session is also a great benefit to aid knowledge retention.

What’s more, is you can share them with a wider audience at different times too. Saving your trainer standing in front of the room delivering the same thing again and again.

A lot of the time we find after completing step one (all will be revealed), you find it’s all about delivering information, in which case, do you really need the face-to-face? Instead, make you could use it as a campaign or communications piece. 

Don’t assume you need to get people in a room all the time. It’s all about self-directed learning and making the right resources available for learners at the right time. 

Download our guide: 8 steps to digitise face-to-face training

Flipping classroom training doesn’t have to be resource intensive, expensive, or time consuming. We’ve written an entire guide to give you step-by-step advice, practical tips and the tools to quickly digitise existing courses with little to no budget, here’s what we cover: 

  1. Extract the facts
  2. Collect concepts
  3. Map it out
  4. Get creative
  5. Put it somewhere
  6. Look at what’s left
  7. Organise for online
  8. Add some social  

Want to reveal the how-to behind each step? Get started by downloading our latest ebook; the digital classroom – simple steps to digitise classroom training. 

simple steps to digitise classroom training

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